Athletes are at their best when they cross train their reflexes, muscle memory and hand/eye coordination.  The Hybrid training program consist of one day per week of court/team practice and one day per week of beach training.  
We offer boys and girls beginner (3rd-5th grade), boys and girls intermediate (middle school) and girls advanced (high school) based on age and skill level. 



The Indoor practices will focus on the core fundamentals:
  • Proper warm up
  • Passing technique (platform, overhead and angles) 
  • Developing a powerful, controlled arm-swing (serving/spiking)
  • Approach Footwork (attacking/blocking)
  • Defensive transitions & strategies
  • Rotation & offensive setup 
Beach practices will round out skills with additional focus on:
  • Playing in the elements and using them to obtain advantage
  • Proper warm up (training/tournament)
  • Offensive skills (spike vs. shots)
  • Defensive technique (stance, digging, reading shots & elimination of negative steps)
  • Team chemistry & proper communication
  • Endurance & Explosive movement training

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