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On the Court
Athletes are at their best when they cross train their reflexes, muscle memory and hand/eye coordination.  The Hybrid training program consist of one day per week of court/team practice and one day per week of beach training.  
We offer boys and girls beginner (3rd-5th grade), boys and girls intermediate (middle school), boys and girls advanced (high school), and girls ELITE BEACH based on age and skill level. 



The Indoor practices will focus on the core fundamentals:
  • Proper warm up
  • Passing technique (platform, overhead and angles) 
  • Developing a powerful, controlled arm-swing (serving/spiking)
  • Approach Footwork (attacking/blocking)
  • Defensive transitions & strategies
  • Rotation & offensive setup 
Beach practices will round out skills with additional focus on:
  • Playing in the elements and using them to obtain advantage
  • Proper warm up (training/tournament)
  • Offensive skills (spike vs. shots)
  • Defensive technique (stance, digging, reading shots & elimination of negative steps)
  • Team chemistry & proper communication
  • Endurance & Explosive movement training
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