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  • Boys & Girls Development (elementary)
  • Boys Intermediate (middle school)
  • Boys Advanced (high school)
  • Girls Intermediate (middle school)
  • Girls Advanced
  • Girls Elite
Beach  practices will round out skills with focus on:
  • Playing in the elements and using them to obtain advantage
  • Proper warm-up (training/tournament)
  • Offensive skills (spike vs. shots)
  • Defensive technique (stance, digging, reading shots & elimination of negative steps)
  • Team chemistry & proper communication
  • Endurance & Explosive movement training
  • Intermediate & Advanced training will include Partner Identification, Training & Tournament Coaching
Gulf Coast Volleyball Club believes every child should have the opportunity to participate in the great tradition of sport, regardless of ethnicity, disability, or income.  Fundraising opportunities are available to assist/off-set costs.
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